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Welcome to my offical website. Well first and foremost, those who do not know me my name is Proffitt. I am an aspiring 24 year old rapper/producer/freestylist/performance artist from Ohio. I currently just finished up my first album titled "Conquerin' My Destiny" and am about to release it MARCH 14th. I run with a clique/label enititled No More Pain. No More Pain consists of frontman Deuce Dirty, Korry Krush, Loon C, K Justice,Menace and C-Factor. We all have been cooperately working together on building a new foundational empire to represent Cleveland Ohio. We have opened up for major acts and performed at many major venues.

I have been performing for 7 to 8 years and been rapping for about 11 to 12 years. I have been producing for about 5 years and also have production for sale. So watch out everybody cause NO MORE PAIN is takin over the world!! To all the hataz out there.....QUIT BEIN JEALOUS CUZ IT DUZN'T GET U N-E WHERE!!!

I am selling beats starting at $50.00 a piece. Some beats may be between $80.00 - $100.00, but they are completely worth the money.


*The album people have been waiting for over seven years to drop is finally complete. A final mixdown must take place. Conquerin My Destiny will be released March 14th 2006. I will try to establish a PayPal account so my out of town fanz can cop the jumpoff from the site. Just be patient with me a little longer and all your dreams will be fullfilled.
*Proffitt T-shirts and thongs are out hit the link at the bottom to cop that shit.
*Dirty Work the mixtape is out. It consists of twenty three songs including the affilliates of No More Pain and the Maradaz. Cop that shit cuz itz goin down!!!!!!

We have had a few upcoming shows as headlining opening acts at Peabody's Downunder in Cleveland Ohio. I have done a great amount of local shows, but these are the major acts I have opened up for.

Performance History:
08/09/03 Twista Rhythm Room
01/20/05 Ying-Yang Twins Peabody's Downunder
01/23/05 Bizzy Bone Peabody's Downunder
02/15/05 Afroman Peabody's Downunder
02/24/05 Mike Jones Peabody's Downunder
04/02/05 Tech N9ne Peabody's Downunder
04/13/05 Marz Peabody's Downunder
07/10/05 Tech N9ne Peabody's Downunder